Who We Are

Asset Facilities Limited was set up by industry veterans in order to leverage relationships built up over decades with world-class organizations and consultancies dedicated to improving the efficiency and safety of your buildings.

Our goal is to create a unique partnership with clients and suppliers by understanding your goals and fundamental requirements and introducing you to specialists most closely aligned with your needs and company ethos.

We have built up strong working relationships with companies and consultants and have first-hand experience of the improvements they are able to bring to your buildings, employees, and supply chain.

We want to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for and introduce you to the partner who can best meet those requirements.

Our fees are paid by our partners, only if you decide to engage them. Importantly, those fees are identical within each discipline in order to remove any temptation to recommend one provider over another for any other reason than being the best for the task at hand.

What We Do

We want to help you ensure your buildings are not only compliant with current and impending regulations, but that your assets, systems, and processes are operating as efficiently as possible and contributing to your organization’s profitability and success not being a drain on resources or a constant source of problems and headaches.

Our partners are specialists in the following areas:

  • Asset Identification and Tracking (fixed & mobile)
  • Risk Management & Statutory Compliance
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Insurance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Finance

Of course, we often find that these disciplines do not exist in silos, but rather are often inter-linked. For example, your asset register is a statutory requirement that relies on asset identification as does your insurance cover and your maintenance programme.

The condition and efficiency of your buildings’ infrastructure impacts not only your direct running costs but has a correlation to your maintenance costs.

Your risk management systems are there not only to protect you and your organization, but robust systems can lead to increased profits by minimizing downtime, production errors and waste as well as lower insurance premiums.

Should you be looking to invest in new plant, equipment or replace inefficient infrastructure we have trading agreements with a number of UK and International banks (particularly the Middle East) as well as Investment Funds looking to purchase and operate energy efficient systems on your behalf, such as lighting, boilers air-conditioning equipment etc.

These relationships allow us the flexibility to find the right partner for you and the best structure.

By contracting with our Risk Management and Asset Identification partners, we may well be able to substantially reduce your insurance premiums through a program designed with our global insurance partners.

In short, we can help you identify vulnerabilities and opportunities within your business.

Whether you decide to act is up to you.