Specialist Consultancy Services

Drawing on its expertise in the areas of funding and contract delivery structures, Asset Facilities acts as specialist consultants to a number of larger companies looking to increase sales through the use of 3rd party funded solutions or by providing their goods and products as a service, thereby removing any capital expenditure requirement from the client whilst greatly increasing client retention levels.

By working with Asset Facilities Limited, companies can develop a range of fully funded solutions to offer clients and develop contract structures best suited to their particular market and benefit from their own ‘in-house’ financed solution division without significantly adding to overheads.

Our consultancy services range from the setting up of straightforward leasing facilities to providing joint ventures with investor partners and even re-positioning your organization to offer its products as a service

By embedding Asset Facilities within their organizational structure,  companies are able to:

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  • Develop custom funded solutions
  • Offer innovative supply contracts
  • Offer financing and insurance options
  • Carry out credit underwriting
  • Create their own leasing documents
  • Manage entire process from proposal to release of funds


If your company is looking for a way to maximise sales potential without the cost and headache of creating an entire department, we can provide a fully functional funding team ready to go to work.

If you’d like to learn more how Asset facilities Limited can help you unlock more business please get in touch.